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Best leisure activities to meet rich men

Did you ever wonder what the super-rich spend their money for? If not, than it might be a good thing to do, because as soon as you know you will also discover what millionaires and other members of the affluent high society do in their free time, hence where to find and meet them.

In the beginning of 2013 Forbes magazine published the number of billionaires in the world revealing that there are more ultra-rich people on this planet than ever before. Forbes stated the incredible amount of 1.426 Billionaires worldwide, most of them in Europe, the US, and the Asia-Pacific region. On average, each of them owns 3.8 Billion US dollar. That is a lot of money to spend! Here are the most popular hobbies among the elite.





Sport clubs and events. Many rich people love watching or taking part in different sports. Some even buy whole local clubs or shares. The most frequented sporting events by rich people in the UK are horse races, sailing competitions, as well as football, cricket and golf tournaments. Check local and current programmes and websites for sporting events and related premiers or after-show-parties. Alternatively, go to local yacht, sailing, and golf clubs to mingle with the affluent.

Harbours and marinas. Almost every millionaire owns a luxurious boat or yacht. Harbours and marinas are the perfect spots to spend a sunny afternoon in a café or walking along the piers. Look out for single well-dressed men with laptops, tablets, smart phones, and newspapers and think of a charming way to approach them.

Day Spas and Luxury Resort Hotels. Many rich people are working hard to maintain their high standard of living and to accumulate more financial wealth. In order to rejuvenate and reenergise, relaxing in opulent spas and wellness centres is one of the most sought-after leisure activity among hard working millionaires. Day spas are actually affordable and well worth a visit. They provide the ideal intimate surroundings to meet single rich business men when they are totally relaxed and open for meeting new people - and maybe the woman of their life.

Exclusive bars and restaurants. In order to keep a reputation in the high society, networking and socialising is essential for millionaires. There are plenty of exclusive and elegant bars in and around Great Britain's largest cities, where rich people meet and mingle. Check out websites for special events and parties. Some of them are invitation-only but some are open to the public. Go with a friend and enjoy a couple of excellent cocktails while looking for attractive wealthy men.

Exhibitions and shows. Check out the latest and most acclaimed exhibitions for photography, art, fashion, automobiles, luxury goods, gourmet cooking events, boutique openings and so on. These are the events where rich men will abound. Look out for men without female company in front of an art piece or photograph and start discussing it with him.




Whatever you do to meet a millionaire remember one thing: Always dress to impress!




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