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Tips on how to find a millionaire on the internet

Online dating is a modern way of finding a partner. Every tenth couple in Britain met on the internet and the trend is rising. Women who are looking for a man on the internet need to stick to certain rules and tricks to be successful with their search. Even more difficult is it to find a millionaire, as there are dozens of websites promising to match young beautiful girls with wealthy men.

In today's jungle of endless dating website it is not always easy to make out which of the providers is best for one's personal needs. Once a good and professional site is found comes the big shock for many ladies with the realisation that they are one in a million. This brings up the question of how to stand out from the crowd, how to get the attention of a handsome millionaire.





First of all, all women can breathe easy - although there are thousands of women looking for millionaires, male online users complain that all female users look the same, that many of them are fake, and that they are looking for a woman with personality and charm.

And this is your advantage! Fill that gap and show those rich attractive men out there that you are different. Here are some tricks to raise attention and to convince a millionaire that you are the right woman for him:

1. Choose the right photo. Take a look at all the profile photos of the other ladies. A high number of them look artificial, superficial, and unnatural. Take a photo of you that you think represents the real you. Naturally, without too much make-up, and with your most hearty and honest smile. Choose a natural background that will let you appear even more authentic and cute. Rich men love cute girls, but at the same time you should not look like you're under 18 - quite obvious but its better to be safe than sorry.

2. Choose the right profile text. Same applies as for your photo. Let your profile text be as authentic as possible. Click on some other girl's profiles first, you will see that many of them write the same stuff. Try to stand out from the crowd by writing something interesting about you instead of why you are looking for a millionaire. It is obvious that you do, otherwise you wouldn't be on that site.

3. Have a crystal clear target. What is it you want? Is it sex, is it money, is it a relationship, a marriage, etc.? Form a clear picture of what kind of relationship you expect and then tailor your search specifically to your wishes.

4. Don't give up. Maybe at first you will get no replies. Or you will get hundreds of emails but none of the men seems to be a potential candidate. Don't give up. You have to give it some time. If there are still no dates after two months or so, change your strategy or register with one or more other sites. Most of them are free for women.




Good Luck !



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