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How to screw up the first date with a millionaire

If it is a woman's specific intention to marry a wealthy man, she has to make an effort to achieve her goal. From nothing nothing can come - that's what they say. And she has to fulfil certain criteria like beauty, personality and style. The biggest problem some women have with making their dream come true is an explicitly wrong perception of themselves and the exceptions rich men have toward their dates.

Playboy bunnies are beautiful, no doubt, but their photos are designed to please the imagination and phantasies of men. When asked what they really want, 85 percent of all men say that they would not marry a woman who looks like a pin-up model. That means women with a ridiculously prominent cleavage, red mini skirt, patent-leather high heels, bleached blond hair, bold make-up, this sexy-sexy look and lip-licking, and a bitchy affectation is not what's on anymore. This cliché of a sexy woman evolved sometime during the eighties and has long been outdated. That means women who thought they could win a millionaire's heart with the above-mentioned qualities should reconsider their methods and think of a new plan.
By the same token, beauty, personality, and style are not sufficient to conquer a wealthy man either. It takes a lot more to convince a millionaire that a woman is the right one for him and maybe even the woman to marry him and have children with.





Much rather its the subtle, non-buyable things that attract millionaires to women. Those include an excellent communication, a calm and settled character, originality, trust, humour, intellect and independency.
A woman who is not able to communicate openly and clearly can quickly become boring for a man with prestige and money. It is very likely that he leads a successful business and surrounds himself with important people. His time is precious and he is used to things working easy and quickly and - most of all - his way! On a first date a woman should therefore avoid to over-complicate things. Best thing would be to let him lead the conversation and react to what he says with charm, wit, intelligence, and a good sense of humour.






Another way of screwing up first dates with millionaires is to bother them with problems. On a first date he wants to have fun and get to know the qualities of a woman. He certainly does not want to hear anything about failed relationships, difficult childhoods, money related problems, or other things that are going wrong. Those kinds of topics should be held back for possible follow-up dates.

More than anything a woman should avoid asking him for money, even indirectly. Talking about that model business she wants to get going, those medicine studies she always wanted to do, or that luxury holiday she was never able to afford - all those are warrantors for failure. A millionaire that gets the impression a woman is only dating him to get access to his cash is gone faster than she can blink.





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