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Things a woman should avoid when dating a rich man

Women who are dreaming of finding a millionaire or billionaire to share their lives with are most likely to have a very different social environment. When looking for rich men, women should always consider some good preparation, otherwise they might get unlucky or lose him somewhere along the way.

Here are the most crucial things a woman should absolutely avoid when approaching or dating wealthy men:

1. Never obviously, show that you are interested in money! This is the first and most important rule when approaching or dating millionaires. As soon as a man knows that a woman is only targeting his money, he loses interest. Unless the date was based on the obvious common agreement that it is all about sex and money in exchange, a woman is always on the safe side by pretending that she does not care about his money at all.

2. Be a bad girl! Good behaviour is essential when dating upper-class men. Excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided as well as loud and rude talking, salacious jokes or remarks, bad table manners, and sexist behaviour. Who wants to go out with rich men should be a classy lady of the likes of Kate Middleton.





3. Dress cheaply! Women approaching affluent men should make an effort to dress stylish and classy. No doubt, this is somewhat dependent on your budget, however, nowadays, dressing classy and stylish does not have to be incredibly pricey. Many well-known high street chains offer affordable looks copied from the world's top designers. Dress wisely and no one will know how much it cost. Along with the cloths goes the overall outer appearance. The accessories, the jewellery, the hair, the nails, the skin, the perfume, etc. Everything should be subtle, classy, and matching. Avoid anything fake like gold, leather, or diamonds. Wear classy materials and solid silver instead.

4. Wear piercings! Obvious piercings and tattoos should be covered when approaching or dating rich men. Even though a woman stands by her body art it might be that her wealthy dating partner is put off by it. It is wise to introduce him slowly to these kinds of things and not confront him with them straight away. Wear little, genuine, and delicate jewellery instead.

5. Be pushy! By all means a woman should avoid to put pressure on a man to see, date, or marry her. As soon as a woman starts to be pushy, rich men might get the idea that she is only interested in tying the knot because of his money. When dating wealthy men, women should do their best to keep their plans and intentions to themselves and wait for him to take the important steps.

6. Be Miss Dependent! Most rich men earned their money with their own hands, which means they are more likely to prefer women that appreciate ambition, success, and money in the same way. Self-made millionaires need a woman who is strong and independent, who might become the mother of his children, and who forms a strong backbone for him to keep on focussing on his career.






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