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Best bars in London to find a millionaire

London is the city with the highest population of multimillionaires and a famous hotspot for the rich and famous. Apart from posing in front of the cameras, working, and hiding in their luxury multi-million-pound mansions they have private lives just as you and me. Logically, they have to spend their free time somewhere. For those in the know, London offers a multitude of places where the super-rich gather. If you are out for celebrity or millionaire spotting, it is wise to start of discreetly.
For example in one of the following bars which are currently the hottest places to be and to be seen in the British capital. Grab your friend, dress up, and grab your chances to mingle with some of the richest people in the world.





The Haweley Arms, 2 Castlehaven Road, Camden
Camden is the long-standing hub for musicians, edgy artist, and their friends and fans. The home of the recently deceased Amy Winehouse also houses this typically British pub. After a refurbishment in 2006 the venue now has an inviting atmosphere where perfectly crafted drinks and an appealing food entertain the guests almost as much as the regular music acts this pub hosts. Every now and then celebrities are passing by, including the stars of the hilarious show Mighty Boosh. This pub is obviously for the more laid-back wealthy people, if you are looking for sophisticated surroundings and chats you better head to a more elegant spot.

Off Broadway, 63-65 Broadway Market, Hackney
This extraordinarily stylish cocktail bar is frequented by Hollywood celebs like Natalie Portman. No wonder this is also a favourite among the local elite. The interior decor resembles the style of an East Village bar and aims to create an original and warm American feel. There is a photo gallery on the lower floor. The bar is famous for it's flawless cocktails. Try their signature Unexpected Georgie while you mingle with the fashionable clientele.

Julies Restaurant & Champagne Bar, 135 Portland Road, Greater London
This sophisticated and ultra-cool hotspot is frequented by many celebrities, rock and roll musicians, and other rich and famous guests. The design is simple yet elegant mixing white washed table cloths and walls with dots of green. The main restaurant is furnished with dark wood and lit by candles on each table. No matter if you fancy a first-class champagne, a quiet chat, or a romantic date, this is definitely the best place to come to enjoy a night and spot some celebs and millionaires.

Mahiki Tropical Cocktails and Island Grill, 1 Dover St London
This two-floor bar and restaurant is the perfect place for excellent cocktails. Mahiki boosts a rustic tiki-styled decor and a Hawaiian ambience. It's legendary parties are popular among the elite of London's fashionistas as well as many celebrities like Kanye West, Kate Middleton, Jason Derulo, Leona Lewis, Kate Moss, Emma Watson, Beyonce and Jay Z - just to name a few. Come in and enjoy the glamorous feel and chose from one of the best drinks selections in town.












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