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How to keep a millionaire once you got him on your hook

When it comes to the qualities that make a good woman or wife for a millionaire, our society has not really changed much since the 1950s. At least if we believe the results of a recent survey that has been carried out by a leading British household magazine. The survey revealed that men, especially millionaires and billionaires, prefer their women to fulfil the same criteria men stated to value 60 years ago.

Millionaires are mostly successful businessmen who walk around in tight suits all day and all year round, no matter if it is cold or boiling hot outside. They master 60 hours a week in their offices, in business meetings and with other important work related issues. When they finally come home to their girlfriend or wife after a long and tiring day, everything has to be exactly how they want it to properly relax and unwind.





Thant means, a wealthy husband is always the boss - at least that's what his wife should make him believe. He wants time to himself to change the switch from work to free time and during that time he does not want to be confronted with additional issues that require his confirmation, opinion, or approval. His wife therefore must be very understanding and patient and allow him to unwind.
At the same time, participants of the survey stated that they expect their women to prepare dinner for when they come home. He is the supplier of money and he expects good food to be on his table when he comes home.
What sounds harsh and prehistoric is reality in most households and especially among rich people. The more successful and rich a man, the more he prefers to stick to certain regular patterns and habits.

Men with a certain wealth and status also expect their women to dress nicely for them. His wife should therefore make an effort to look good, when he comes home instead of sitting in front of the TV in her pink pyjamas, chatting on the phone. No matter if she has something to do or not, she should never give him the impression that she does nothing but chilling around all day - at his expense.
There is nothing a rich men hates more than a woman who rests comfortably on his hard-earned money.
In turn for his financial achievements he expects his wife to decorate and maintain the house and garden, to care for potential children, to actually do something useful with her time and his money.




Last but not least, a millionaire expects a loyal, positive, strong woman by his side. Someone who is an emotional support and who he loves to go out with to present to the whole world how beautiful and charming his wife is. When he comes home after a tiring day, he wants to look into eyes that adore him, that missed him, that are truly happy to finally see him again.
In every tough well-earning business man there lays a soft and romantic core.



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