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London - City of the super-rich

Ever wondered where all the British millionaires gather? You don't have to look no further. London is not only the capital of fashion and evolving trends but also the hottest spot for Britain's most wealthy people to hang out and settle down.

A leading British research institute published the results of it's latest study which identified cities and countries all over the world with the most affluent inhabitants. With over 280,000 millionaires, London ranked third after New York and Tokyo. The British capital came first in the ranking of domestic multimillionaires. That means London is home of more than 4,200 individuals with assets over one but under 30 million Dollar - so called "Ultra High Net Worth Individuals". As a country, the UK ranked fifth with over 675,000 millionaires living here in total.





London is Europe's number one hub when it comes to innovation, culture, art, and fashion, and offers a mind-blowing array of brimming history as well as a rich tradition.
London is a unique city with many different faces and the unrivalled ability to reinvent itself repeatedly. London's vast diversity also makes it one of the most contradictive world-capitals. The city is stylish and trendy yet old-fashioned, historic yet state-of-the-art, traditional yet innovative, extremely conservative yet open-minded, and the list goes on. What seems like impossible matches works brilliantly well and forms a harmony in this colourful and lively metropolis.

This is also the hippest hotspot for celebrities, models and influential public figures. Many trends are born here not least the world-famous London Street style.
London is the birthplace of big names such as Edgar Wallace, Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Amy Winehouse, and Isaac Newton. Popular locals of today include Hugh Grant, David Bowie, Boy George, David Beckham and family, Elton John, and the royal family, just to name a few.




No wonder that this city has one of the world's best selections of exclusive amenities. London offers an abundance of luxurious hotels, day spas, bars, clubs, and pubs. Fashion lovers are spoiled by a plenitude of boutiques, shops, stores, tailors, and top-designers. Foodies can indulge in one of the world's most sophisticated restaurant scene with cuisines from all over the world. The British capital evolved into a gourmet haven originating celebrity cooking pioneers like Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver.

London is a European top-favourite among the rich, beautiful and famous. Each and every corner impresses with inspiring architecture, vibrant cafés, history-rich museums, art galleries, music venues, theatres, majestic churches and buildings, and much more. Among all the hustle and bustle of urban life nestle peaceful and lush green areas and parks with plenty of possibilities to unwind and spend lazy afternoons with a date or a group of friends.

A romantic walk by the river Thames, shopping with your friends, networking, indulging in a first-class restaurant, sightseeing, partying, chatting, working, seeing a show, celebrity spotting, or people watching - no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it in London.



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